Shards of Protectorate Wiki

Quick Commands:

Command Alias of Notes
/cpublic /lwc -create public
/cpassword /lwc -create password
/cprivate /lwc -create private The optional arguments can also be used
/cunlock /lwc -unlock
/cinfo /lwc -info
/cremove /lwc -remove protection
/cmodify /lwc -m
/climits /lwc -info limits

Advanced Commands:

Command Argument Notes Example(s)
/lwc -c public Create a public protection anyone can use, but no one can protect themselves /lwc -c public
private [Groups/Users] Create a private protection, that only you and players and/or groups you specify.

Groups are prefixed with g:
Players and groups are space sperated

/lwc -c private Hidendra g:Mods
/cprivate Hidendra g:Mods
password Create a password-protected protection with the entered password.

You and anyone else will have to enter the password to the protection when prompted to upon attempting to open it.
When a password is entered, it allows you to use the inventory until you logout.

/lwc -c password supersecret
/cpassword supersecret
/lwc -m Used to modify an existing private protection. Syntax is identical except you can use a dash (-) in front of a name to remove it from access /lwc -m -g:Mods
/lwc -u Used to unlock a password-protected protection when you are prompted to upon interacting with it /lwc -u supersecret
/cunlock supersecret
/lwc -i Shows information on a protection including who owns it and when it was created.

For LWC admins, this will display more detailed information.

/lwc -i
limits Shows you how many protections you have protected and what your protection limit is /lwc -i limits
/lwc -o [page] Displays everyone who has access to a specific private protection /lwc -o
/lwc -r protection Remove a protection from the LWC database /lwc -r protection
modes Removes any modes enabled on you (normally, they are removed when you logout) /lwc -r modes
/lwc mode persist Enables you the ability to use a single command multiple times; can be used in conjunction with /lwc -c private to register a multitude of protections /lwc mode persist
droptransfer select Allows you to select your registered chest as a Drop Transfer target, which means any items you drop will be transferred to that chest if there is room in it /lwc mode droptransfer select
droptransfer on Enables drop transferring /lwc mode droptransfer on
droptransfer off Disables drop transferring /lwc mode droptransfer off
droptransfer status Views the status of drop transferring (chosen a chest and on or off) /lwc mode droptransfer status
/lwc menu