Rise of the Rune Lords
Welcome to the Rise of the Rune Lords, a fantastic world full of treasure, adventure, and danger. Your quest takes you through the world of Turumarth, A world that is ripe for the conquering. Are you that conqueror?. Will you start your own quarter in your faction, recruiting new citizens and building your own government that all will bow to? Or will you set off as a rouge, living in the wilderness as you steal and deceive your way to the top? The choice is yours. However, you cannot do it all on your own. You’ll meet hundreds of people during your time here, some of which will attempt to help you on your quest, while others will look to stand in your way. Your adventure awaits!



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Player Guides:
Beginner's Guide Donator Guide Hero Commands, Skills, and Classes
Buying Selling Shards
Towny Commands Protectorate Donating
Chat Commands Money Commands Chest Protection
LWC Commands Chest Shops Estates
Starting a town Home Commands Griefing
Theft Coloured Signs Spawn
Under Water Breathing Big Brother Commands Hacking
Buckets NetherFaire Admin's Won't...
Night & Day Ventrilo (Voice Chat) Currency
Titles Worlds Residence Guide
Residence Leasing Residence Settings  Staff Advertisements
About Minecraft
Minecraft is a sandbox construction game, inspired by Infiniminer, and created by Markus Persson, the founder of Mojang AB. The game involves players creating and destroying various types of blocks in a three dimensional environment. The player takes an avatar that can destroy or create blocks, forming fantastic structures, creations and artwork across the various multiplayer servers in multiple game modes.

Minecraft is currently in beta, available to players for €14.95 (~$21/~£13). Beta singleplayer and Beta multiplayer, when purchased, can be played in the user's web browser, or using the downloadable client. Minecraft Classic is available to play for free. Minecraft development started around the 10th of May 2009, pre-orders for the full game started being accepted on the 13th of June 2009. Minecraft's official release date is planned to be the 11th of November 2011.

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